Championing flaws was the name of the game for Miley Cyrus on last night's (May 17) Jimmy Fallon. 

The Dead Petz singer, who's set to join The Voice as a coach next season, took on a different type of competition with the late-night host: imitating funny faces that had been submitted by young viewers. Fallon had collected a series of the best cross-eyed, double-chinned poses he could find, and he and Cyrus proceeded to brave ridicule and potential spasms in the name of claiming vitory.

In the clip above, Cyrus and Fallon go rounds — perfecting pursed lips, sky-high eyebrows and pained glares — until they join forces for a final and particularly impressive distortion.

"Best day ever," Cyrus says when her muscles finally get the chance to relax.

And while Cyrus' face is identifiably her's, her knee, she says, belongs to someone else — Seth Rogen to be exact. She explains in a second clip that a small stretch of her leg's skin is a dead ringer for the comedian, and that she even has a photo of his mug side-by-side with her lower-thigh to prove it.

"I did a movie with Seth, and I got a picture of him and his face right by my knee, and I was just trying to find it on my Instagram but it was in, like, 2014," she says above. "So to go to 2014 on my Instagram...I post like, seven to 20 a day. And so I had to keep scrolling [but] we didn't have time in the past week to find that photo."

"I'm just glad I have something to fall back on," she concludes. "If Seth, for some reason, takes a horrible turn, I can always [fill in]."

Watch the segments above for some truly stunning portraits.

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