Miley Cyrus said she wanted to have short hair forever and then she said something about wanting her hair to grow out so she could change her style since everyone copies off her.

We think she has a love-hate relationship with her chop. She has kept her look close-cropped, and we applaud her for not quickly donning extensions or wigs – hi, Beyonce—until now.

Cyrus tweeted two pics of herself with long hair, but alas, they were simply wigs.

The first snap reminded us of Miley of old, with her honey brown locks. Now that we see her with long hair again, after getting used to her bright blonde short 'do, we sorta feel she blends in too much with longer locks. Her shorn look is edgier and makes her stand out. It appears she made the right choice with her snip snip.

She also went the former Katy Perry route with her purple, heavy bangs wig! It's a bit of an Amanda Bynes homage, albeit unintentional.