Because she's so rock n' roll and badass, Miley Cyrus snapped a photo of herself smoking a blunt.

Because she's so brilliant, it leaked.

And because her fans are delusional, many believe her denials that it's her.

The photo above surfaced on an Instagram account last night under the handle "mileyxxcyrus." Ever classy (and honestly, completely believable), the photo was captioned "high as fvck."

Whoever is in the photo looks an awful lot like Cyrus, what with the dirty hair, gorgeous ring and equality tattoo.

For her part, Cyrus denied posting the pic, tweeting:

The account that proliferated the photo has more personal shots of Cyrus smoking up, though she'll likely deny those, too. The mole also started a Tumblr account and has been publicly fielding questions.

While whether or not the Instagram account is a legit Cyrus one - it probably isn't - it's unlike the occasional singer and overactress to be so shy about her exploits considering all she's done in the past year or so is take provocative pictures of herself in a desperate attempt to showcase just how much of a wild child and tryhard she is.

Oh, and she was on 'Two And a Half Men.' So there's that. We'd be trying to forget, too.