In a study released today, North Dakota leads the country in anti smoking spending.

According to Tobacco Free Kids, the best ranked states are spending 50% or more of CDC recommendation on tobacco prevention programs. The other tops states include Hawaii, Alaska, Oklahoma, Maine and Delaware.

On an annual basis, North Dakota spends 9.5 million dollars on anti smoking campaigns. I think we could all agree how graphic they are.

This report on the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids has been working on the  prevention of smoking since the 1998 Tobacco Settlement.

The disappointing fact remains that North Dakota still has one of the cheapest cigarette prices in the country. (#4)

This settlement meant the country’s tobacco companies agreed to make payments to the majority of U.S. states because of the cost to the citizens for the use of their products.

The facts are contradicting that the state has some of the cheapest prices per pack and still spends the most on anti smoking.