I have to admit, I needed to see this today.

Every time I turn on the news it's nothing but doom and gloom.  I've gotten to the point I won't even watch the national news before our local news.  If you didn't know better, we're all going to die from COVID-19, hate and violence consume every person, and there's very little hope for this country.

Then comes along this wedding vow that's going viral right now.

According to Fox News,  a Cambridge, Minnesota (north of Minneapolis, St. Paul) bride decided to include her 9-year-old stepson Henry in her wedding vows.  Vanessa Lynch appears to be "all in" as the role of a stepmom.  Vanessa married her husband Craig on December 11th, 2021, but it's what she had to say to her soon-to-be stepson that had the entire crowd in tears.  Vanessa's heartfelt speech was met with tears and hugs from Henry and his Dad.

The Lynch family was supposed to be married a while ago but the wedding was postponed due to COVID-19.

Here is that speech that Vanessa delivered to her stepson that took Henry by surprise and had everybody in attendance reaching for a tissue. It's easy to see why this TikTok video has gone viral.

@yellowfilmsweddingsVows to her step son, Henry ##fyp ##weddingday ##weddingvideo ##weddinginspo ##weddingvideography ##bride ##vows ##stepmom

♬ Wedding Song - Piano Love Songs

In this day and age of broken families, it's so nice to see somebody committing not only to the bride or groom but their children as well. As somebody from divorced parents, I can tell you that is not always the case.


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