Early this morning, I read the headline "Breckenridge Police looking for SUV that followed child home." So, I clicked to story to learn more creepy details. Instead, I read a small blurb of confusing information. Now, there are two slightly conflicting stories about one potentially scary incident, and there is not a lot of information.

The story I first read came from Valley News Live. This story states that a young Breckenridge child and his parent were followed by a car from school to the gas station. When the child and parent left the gas station to go home, the suspicious car went the opposite direction. Get the Valley News Live story here.

So, in an attempt to find more information, I looked for news out of Breckenridge, and only came across one other, short blurb about it. KFGO reports that the boy was walking to school when the car began following him. Then, his parent picked him up, they were followed to the gas station by the suspicious car, and the car went the opposite direction after leaving the gas station. Get the KFGO story here.

The Valley News Live story says that there are pictures and video of the car in question, and both stories state that police are looking for the car and driver. While I can understand why someone may be worried about their child, I feel like alarming the public about something like this just causes needless chaos.

From two separate stories, we have zero information. Do we know if the alleged suspect attempted to talk to the child? Could it just be coincidence that the car and the child were on the same path? Does the driver deserve to have their car plastered on the internet over following someone to a gas station?

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