Two Minnesota Catholic Colleges are investigating disturbing sexual allegations.

CBS Minnesota reports that the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University are investigating claims that some male students were having a competition to sleep with the most female students. The scandal was reportedly first exposed by the schools' joint newspaper, The Record. Now, The Institute for Women’s Leadership is encouraging a walkout over the allegations, and a spokeswoman for the schools has stated that sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.

If the allegations are true, the students involved need to be punished.

This story is just starting to come to light, so we have yet to learn all the details. But if these allegations are true, the students involved deserve harsh punishment. I can only imagine how crushing it would be to learn that you were duped into some twisted sexual competition.

Sexual exploitation happens all too often on college campuses.

Were these sexual conquests all consensual in the first place? Was being involved in the competition consensual for the females involved? If these men were allegedly sleeping with all these women, were they passing around STDs?

This type of behavior happens all too often on college campuses. Best Colleges says  that there is a "13% rate of nonconsensual sexual contact at colleges."These alleged sexual encounters in Minnesota may have been full-on sexual assaults, but the events leading to and after these sexual encounters were likely nonconsensual.

Not every case is like Brock Turner's, but sexual exploitation in any form is disgusting. Hopefully, things will be handled appropriately and any damage done to the females involved can be healed.

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