This unbelievable video brought back painful memories to me

I was eleven years playing little league baseball in San Diego, my team was the Indians. My dad was the coach, my mom sitting up in the wooden press box keeping score and working as the PA announcer. All I remember was grabbing a baseball bat and walking towards home plate, when BAM, lights out. I was drilled in the chest by a teammate who was taking his swings in the on-deck circle. I do remember waking up, flat on my back, with my parents staring down at me - good news all around, I wasn't terribly hurt, and my box of lemon heads ( candy ) was still intact. The same thing almost happened to Minnesota Twins catcher Gary Sanchez Sunday in Chicago.

Ever want to get away??? A Full swing from Gilberto Celestino narrowly misses Sanchez

This is proof that almost anything can happen on a baseball diamond. The Minnesota Twins are in a heated race for first place in the American League Central, trying to stay even with the Cleveland Guardians. In September the days are hot, and every game is crucial. When you play 162 games in a season, we all forget the many ways a player or even a coach can become instantly injured - a foul ball into the dugout, or maybe a batter leans into an errant fastball, but definitely NOT a bat to the head. According to "Sanchez was almost struck in the head by a full swing by teammate Gilberto Celestino during Minnesota's 5-1 victory against the Chicago White Sox"

Thoughts from Sanchez

"He almost hit me, but thank God, nothing happened," Sanchez said. "It's just an accident. It's fine." added. Everything worked out fine, the Twins beat the Sox 5-1. You can bet Sanchez will take an extra couple of seconds to avoid another near disaster for the rest of his career. No information on whether he had any candy in his back pocket or not.

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