Minnesota YouTuber was arrested for violently taking advantage of a woman experiencing a mental health crisis.

Fox 9 reports that Minnesota YouTuber, 20-year-old Anthony Michael Wicklace was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting and tazing a woman who was suffering from a mental health crisis. According to the report, after police had earlier assisted the woman in crisis, Wicklace picked her up by offering her a ride home and then "allegedly solicited sex and exposed himself, before finally assaulting her with a Taser stun gun." It was even reported that Wicklace was driving a Crown Victoria featuring a police scanner and tactical gear and even coerced the woman into his vehicle by saying he was trained in de-escalation.

The facts of this story paint a picture of an evil person who plotted such horrific acts.

If your stomach is not in knots after reading that little blurb, you may want to read it again. The events that led to this woman's assault were clearly premeditated. We are talking about a 20-year-old who knew how to take advantage of another human. He may not have had a specific victim, but he had a specific purpose when he did things like rig his vehicle and have a Taser at hand.

People who experience a mental health crisis cannot speak for themselves.

The topic of mental health strikes a raw chord with me. I had a loved one who experienced debilitating mental health crises. People who experience a mental health crisis cannot speak for themselves - they have no idea what is happening in reality. And, sadly, people like Anthony Wicklace will shamelessly prey on people who need help but can't ask for it - the lowest kind of low. In fact, Treatment Advocacy Center reports there was a study finding that people who experience “chronic and severe mental illnesses” are "11 times higher than the general population" to be victims of a recent violent crime. It's disgusting.

How do you feel about Anthony Wicklace's alleged crimes?

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