There has been a lot of concern over Coronavirus. First, we run out of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Now, movie releases, entire sporting events and seasons, and travels are being postponed or cancelled. But, FOR NOW, there is still something we can look forward to in April.

Coming to Minot at the end of April, it's the 6th annual iMagicon event. iMagicon is scheduled for April 24-26 and the Minot Auditorium.

According to KFYR, Leann Mellum says that, as of now, iMagicon is going on as scheduled. Even so, the situation surrounding the Coronavirus scare isn't being taken lightly. Mellum told KFYR that this is being monitored and they are staying in contact with the North Dakota Department of Health. They will also be using caution during the event by having a sanitary team wipe down doors and having sanitizing stations in accordance with CDC guidelines.

You can get your iMagicon tickets here.


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