Last week, members for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies joined together at City Hall in Minot to raise a Pride flag (rescheduled from June). The flag was raised to celebrate Pride Week and to show support to North Dakotans who are LGBTQ+. But some people are speaking out against the events that took place at City Hall that day.

There were a range of complaints about the Pride flag being flown at City Hall. KX News is reporting that some complained that the flag's size did not follow the federal flag code in the United States. KFYR-TV reports that some say that special interest groups have no business flying flags at City Hall. Someone else went as far as to say that they will no longer spend money with the City of Minot. Get the full stories from KX News and KFYR-TV.

I have to be honest, I have never understood the hullabaloo about flags. I understand that they are representative symbols to show pride in the achievements behind the flag. But why are snowflakes melting over the bright colors of the rainbow?

I can see where some wish there was more care taken with something like the size of the flag, but to threaten to pull business from the city over a Pride flag is petty. Our friends and family in the LGBTQ+ community deserve acceptance. And temporarily flying a flag to represent love harms nobody.

Straight people don't have to live in fear of being "less than" solely because of their sexuality. Straight people have never had to fear being disowned, beaten, or murdered solely because of their sexuality. Non-straight people are finally able to live out, loud, and proud and they should be allowed to share that accomplishment with their communities.

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