Close but no cigar.  Hotdog but no mustard.  Miss North Dakota's Caitlyn Vogel nearly won the Miss USA pageant last night.  If you're wondering why you didn't see it on TV?  Well,  it was hard to find.  It was on the fyi network (which I don't have) and you could stream it on Hulu and other services.

So, just how close was Caitlyn to winning the Miss USA Pagent?  When the dust settled she took second.  Yep, the runner-up to Miss Kentucky Elle Smith.  Here's a shot of the new Miss USA from Kentucky.

Very beautiful lady as well.  She will represent the United States in the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss North Dakota Caitlyn Vogel says she is a fifth-generation North Dakotan.  She comes from a family of farmers according to KFYR-TV.  The pageant took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Caitlyn even designed her own evening gown that certainly represents North Dakota.  She said on her Facebook page that her dress represents her state's golden wheat fields.  The Minot native added North Dakota's largest industry is agriculture and we certainly are the breadbasket of America.  North Dakota produces 320 million bushels of wheat annually.  Something Caitlyn is very proud of.  She had a gold fringe surrounding her gown to represent a wheat field moving in the wind.  Caitlyn also had a pair of wings on her dress to honor her grandmother who was one of the strongest women she has known.

She said on her Facebook page before the pageant that she hopes to make North Dakota proud.  You certainly did Caitlyn Vogel.  Congrats on this tremendous accomplishment.



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