It's been hiding out in a shipyard in Lousiana just waiting for its chance to start navigating one of the greatest rivers of the world!

Are all fancy river cruises always too far away?

Viking Mississippi has finally hit the water as on Monday the ship had its first "float out" at the Edison Chouest Offshore's LaShip shipyard in Houma.  This 386 guest cruiseliner is set to begin the final stage of construction. Soon you'll be able to cruise all the way from St. Paul to New Orleans!

Let me invite you to watch this short five-minute clip from the Viking Mississippi Preview YouTube Channel it looks seriously cool!

I guess I've never been down the Mississippi River to know the navigation issues a ship this size might face.  But, there are massive riverboats and transport vessels that use the waterway daily, so I'm going to presume they're pretty confident in the Mississippi River's ability to keep them afloat.

It holds only 386 guests and a crew of 148.

That's a pretty impressive guest-to-crew ratio so I would expect pretty quick refills on my ice tea.  This is good because if you want to take the entire St. Paul to New Orleans journey it's going to take you 15 days and $10 grand to do it. You'll need to work on Bubba Gump's shrimp boat to raise cash to come back.  Assuming that is after 15 days the river probably wore out its welcome for a ride back.

Is it the ultimate way to see a slice of American history?

I'm sure it is.  If you're into that kinda thing.  Every coupla years I jump on the Lewis and Clark Riverboat and always have a nice time.  The only Missouri River history I learn is how it must take a load of cash to live in Marina Bay.  But it's only an hour and a half and I'm fine with that.  Put me on a river cruise for 15 days- I'm either going full Viking or full pirate. I promise in a short time, y'all would have me walking the plank.

How about you North Dakota, up for a cruise?

North Dakota, Let's Take A Cruise From St. Paul To New Orleans!

Starting in June, Viking will begin cruises on the Mississippi River

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