I can't imagine how horrifying it would be to have your private photos stolen. Let alone have someone who's supposed to protect and serve steal those photos. Earlier this year, a woman in Minnesota learned a police officer had used her phone to send himself some of her intimate photos.

CBS Minnesota (WCCO) has some disturbing news coming out of Minneapolis. Back in March, a 25-year-old woman was in a car accident. The CBS Minnesota report says that 36-year-old Minnesota State Patrol trooper, Albert Kuehne, detained the woman because it was suspected that she had been drunk driving. At some point during the arrest, nude photos of the woman got sent from her phone to Trooper Kuehne's phone.

According to CBS Minnesota, the dash cam video from Kuehne's patrol car shows the two walking towards his vehicle, him leading her. The woman pulls out her phone, and Kuehne instructs her to hand the phone over to him. CBS Minnesota reports that the complaint states the woman's nude photos were sent from her phone to Kuehne's phone while he was alone in his car.

But, it wasn't until after the woman was released that the message was discovered. The news site says that her boyfriend was using her computer. The phone was linked to the computer, and he noticed the suspicious message that contained the nude photographs. As it turns out, the person whose phone possessed the pictures was Trooper Kuehne's.

Trooper Albert Kuehne faces the possibility of up to five years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine per felony charge, according to CBS Minnesota. You can get the rest of the story here.


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