From last Friday throughout the Memorial Day weekend people have been buzzing about the "Moments of Impact" video from Kat Communications that takes drinking and driving head on. The docu-video takes you through the tragic,deadly  Halloween weekend car crash in October 2011 in Mandan that claimed the lives of Charles Boehm, Trevor Erie and Eastman Nadeau. It takes you behind the wheel with the driver Taylor Berhow who has since been convicted of 3 manslaughter charges and will serve 8 years in prison. It puts you in the eyes of the lone surviving passenger Jarrod Turner.

For the last two years I have driven by that tree that sits just off the strip across from McDonald's in Mandan and thought about the night that changed everything.Watching this video shows how five friends lives were impacted forever by drinking and driving.It's  a wake up call to stop drinking and driving- think of those moments when you know you are not ok to drive but you think you are, or your friends say take a cab but you choose to drive, or when you have made it home but not quite sure how you got there.

Watch the video now and help us save lives in North Dakota.