Recently, WalletHub conducted a study to find the 'Most Fun States in America' and while North Dakota wasn't exactly near the top of the list, our neighbors to the west are insulted they didn't rank better than us.

North Dakota finished at the 36th most fun state in America. Then, down at 43rd on the list, there's Montana.

How do we know that Montana is not happy about this?

It just so happens, The Great Falls Tribune published a story titled:

'Report: Montana is no fun. Even North Dakota has more of a jolly good time.'

Yes, a 'jolly good time' is exactly what we're having in North Dakota. That's how I typically describe my Saturday nights the following morning just before I indulge in some tea and strumpets.

The Great Falls Tribune went on to say, 'As for our neighbors, South Dakota ranked No. 24. Wyoming was 34, Idaho 35 and North Dakota was 36. NORTH DAKOTA.'

They were so proud of us for finishing better, not only was North Dakota mentioned twice in two sentences, but with the Caps Lock treatment. Somebody's envious.

The two main categories researched in the study were 'Entertainment & Recreation' and 'Nightlife.' North Dakota ranked 37th and 31st in those categories, respectively. Montana finished 43rd and 23rd in those categories, respectively. At least North Dakota's rankings seemed relatively consistent.

While we could bore you with the breakdown of the details of this study, we'll just tell you to click here if you really want to see an in-depth look at the rankings or if you choose to write some sort of dissertation about this.

California, New York, and Nevada finished as the top three fun states and Delaware, Mississippi, and West Virginia finished as the three least fun states, which also wasn't too far below from where Montana ended up on the list.

If you take nothing else from reading this, and while it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how fun our state is, just remember, promising NFL quarterback and Super Bowl Champion, Carson Wentz, is from North Dakota and one of the biggest NFL busts ever, Ryan Leaf, is from Montana...Mic drop.

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