Mr. Met, the lovable giant-baseball-headed mascot of the New York Mets, made an obscene gesture at a fan during a game last night (May 31). And because these days everybody films everything that ever happens, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Mr. Met has only four fingers, so technically it wasn't his middle finger, but nevertheless his message was perfectly clear. Whatever that jerk fan did to drive Mr. Met to such lengths has not been revealed, but an investigation -- involving a thorough review of nearby surveillance-camera footage and grueling interviews with other fans in attendance -- is under way. (Not really.)

The move was highly out-of-character for the fan-friendly face of the franchise who's also the most popular mascot in sports, and the Mets organization responded quickly with an apology:

Whoever occupied the Mr. Met costume last night has, unsurprisingly, been fired. You can be sure that whoever puts it on for this afternoon's game against the Milwaukee Brewers will be on his very best behavior.

If not, he can expect an earful from Mrs. Met.

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