On the early morning of May 5, a Moorhead man was found, suspiciously deceased, in the taxi that he was driving.

At around 3:30 yesterday (May 5) morning, a Moorhead cab driver was found, dead in his wrecked cab. Police immediately announced that the death was being treated as a homicide due to the cab driver's suspicious injuries. Before the day was done, a suspect was arrested. Check out the Moorhead Police Department's updates below:

The suspect has been arrested for murder but has also been accused of two robberies, before the murder.

Today, we are learning information about both the suspect and the victim in this homicide. According to Inforum, 18-year-old Willie Alonzo Sparkman Jr. has been arrested for the murder of 24-year-old Abdullahi Mohamed Abdullahi. On top of that, Sparkman is also being accused of two robberies in Moorhead earlier in the evening. Get the full story from Inforum here.

Statistically, there are about eight taxi drivers killed per 100,000 workers.

Inforum's report states that Sparkman has no relation to Abdullahi, so it is terrifying that anyone who picked up the alleged killer would most likely have suffered the same fate. Even though Abdullahi's murder seems random, the taxi industry statistically sees a higher rate of murdered workers than other professions. According to a 2015 article on syracuse.com, "about eight drivers killed per 100,000 workers."

Hopefully, the public will get more information on what exactly happened that evening Alonzo Sparkman Jr. allegedly took Abdullahi Abdullahi's life.

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