Making the decision to move across the country is never an easy decision. There's always so much to think about. Will I like the area I'm moving to? Will I fit in with the community? How easy will it be to get home for the holidays?These, and many more questions, went through my head when I decided to pack up my Kia and head east from Seattle to Bismarck.

One of the biggest things that I knew I would miss is the scenery. Seattle is in a unique place where you can see the ocean and snow capped mountains in the same direction. Fall is always a gorgeous time around there. Beautiful sunsets over the Olympics, the leaves changing colors, a crispness to the air - I always looked forward to October.

After telling my friends and family of my decision to take on a new adventure in my life, 2 topics always came to the top. First, be prepared for TONS OF SNOW. While I have seen very little since I have arrived, my coworkers assure me it's on the way. Second, be prepared for little to no scenery. While this didn't change my decision, I will admit, I was not looking forward to moving away from my hometown in the most beautiful time of year to head to, what I perceived as an area of barren tundra.

Early on a Saturday Morning, I packed up the car and gave everyone a huge hug before hitting the I-90 on my way to my new home. By the time I hit Montana, night had fallen. Early the next morning, I crossed the border into North Dakota, and my new state of residence. Stopping at the first rest area, I stepped out of my car to take a look around. There was a chill in the air and no mountains in sight. Were my friends and family right? As I drove into Dickinson, the snow started to fall. Was I too late? Did I miss the fall in North Dakota? Was I in for snow for the rest of the year?

My first week here, I didn't get out much. I was in the office before sunrise and didn't leave till after 11pm most nights. Friday came around, and I was asked to join the Hot Crew out to The Haunted Fort after I got off the air at 7. Excited to get out of the office for a while to meet some listeners, I happily accepted. On our way to The Fort, I looked out the window of the Hot Hummer and saw a magnificent sunset. I couldn't stop admiring it. The colors in the sky and the way the shadows sprawled across the rolling hills were absolutely gorgeous!

It was then that I knew that everyone was wrong... to an extent. While I am told that the snow will come, and be around for a long time, North Dakota has no shortage of beautiful scenery to admire through the fall.

I didn't miss the most beautiful time of year after all.