I haven't always enjoyed cooking, especially because I don't like to clean the kitchen after I tear through it. Thankfully, before the Coronavirus crisis hit, I started getting into it. Now that we're mostly stuck at home, I'm learning more and more about cooking - I'm even coming up with a bunch my own tricks and ideas.

What have I learned about cooking? First of all, there are many different ways to prepare food - the possibilities and inspiration are endless. I also have learned that preparation is key - knowing you have all your ingredients before you start saves you from heartache. Lastly, I learned that mistakes happen - you will screw something up (especially in the beginning).

Now, I was never inept when it came to cooking - as my fiance has said, "You're a master at following the recipes." But I never thought I would be coming up with my own tricks and ideas for meals. Check out some of the best things I've learned about cooking.

Cooking Tips and Tricks

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