Rebooting any series with new leads is tricky enough, but leave it to Narcos to pull it off twice. Netflix confirms that the fourth season will move to Mexico, with Diego Luna and Michael Peña taking over as co-leads from star Pedro Pascal.

Even as the third season finale made clear that Narcos would follow the drug trade from Colombia to Mexico, Netflix made the news official with a first teaser for Season 4. No details on Luna and Peña’s characters were provided, though Season 4 production has already begun in Mexico City for a 2018 premiere. Additionally, Entertainment Weekly confirms that Pedro Pascal will not return as lead, though the character of Javier Peña may appear in some capacity.

This is the second major shakeup Narcos has undergone in four seasons, after Season 2 wrapped up the series’ initial premise following legendary druglord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura). Star Boyd Holbrook departed thereafter, leaving Season 3 to follow Pedro Pascal’s Javier Peña against the Cali Cartel that took over in Escobar’s place. Season 4 also made headlines in recent months when a Mexico location scout was found shot to death by unknown assailants.

Diego Luna and Michael Peña are certainly a dynamic enough pairing to keep Narcos afloat, so stay tuned for the latest on Season 4.

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