Some people like them with beer and then some like them spicy! Like them wet or dry, baked or fried or even grilled, you really can't chow down on just a few. Do you like to dip em in sauce? Ranch or blue cheese? Maybe not?

It's National Chicken Wing Day and some people just like them either way, any way, just make sure they are hot.

Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

So where do you like to enjoy wings in Bismarck-Mandan? Is it Hooters? Or B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) or maybe it's Big Boys? If you're going to enjoy the little chicken arms today, where is your "go to" place to munch down on chicken wings or as some people say chicken WANGS.

According to National Chicken Wing, the history of the wings come from way back-

Buffalo, New York lays claim to the birthplace of the chicken wing and that’s why they are often called Buffalo wings as well. The story goes that Teressa Bellissimo created chicken wings at the Anchor Bar, which she owned with her husband Frank, when her son Dominic and some of his college friends decided they wanted a late night bite to eat. She wanted a fast and easy dish so she deep-fried some chicken wings, which in 1964 were usually reserved for soup stock. She tossed them in butter and hot sauce. Naturally, they were an instant hit.