Yesterday, we published the story of North Dakota boasting the lowest unemployment and specifically Bismarck having the lowest unemployment in the state. We opened the topic to you on if the low unemployment level reflected in your quality of life, here are some of your thoughts:

"There are jobs everywhere but the cost of everything has sky rocketed and some jobs are not paying enough to keep up with that. It gets hard sometimes"

" I have held two jobs all of my working life in ND and make not enough to support my family but I stay here because there is work here I cant afford to move no savings account never have enough extra to put away it seems like greed has got the best of our state the rich get richer poor get poorer and middle class is gone all together for the record I have a "good job " as my main job"

"It is a struggle to make ends meet"

"Half of us are barely keeping our heads above water trying to keep up with the cost of living increases!! What single person can afford $750+ a month for a one bedroom apartment? We might have a low unemployment rate, but we are also one of the top most expensive states to live in."

We want to hear from you does low unemployment reflect in your quality of life?