Have you ever wondered where holidays like 'National Rotisserie Chicken Day' come from? Many are created through a website founded by a local Mandan man.

Marlo Anderson is the brain behind nationaldaycalendar.com. The website began as a place that provided a fun list of pseudo-holidays in 2013. As of last year, people are able to purchase a day to declare a national holiday.

So how much does it cost if you want your own holiday? Anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000. Businesses use this as a marketing tool to promote their product. For example, a crouton maker company paid for 'National Crouton Day' (May 13).

  • $1,500 - The buyer will receive a framed proclamation.
  • $2,500 - Anderson will help organize a meeting with the media.
  • $4,000 + travel expenses - Anderson will show up to present proclamations at events.

Anderson is going to New York to present TMI Trading Corp. with their proclamation for National Dumpling Day on Sept. 26.

Many holiday's origins are not known, or not well known, which gives National Day Calendar the opportunity to create one. The website mails proclamations that are printed at Anderson's VHS digitizing business, Zoovio, in Mandan.

All possible holidays must be approved by a committee made up of four people. They want to make sure that each holiday has broad appeal. This explains why 'National Sean Connery Day' was denied.

Click here to find out which holiday you should be celebrating today or grab your credit card and create your own!

[Source: The Brunswick News]