We're not just a fly-over state. According to the North Dakota Department of Tourism, the Peace Garden State has been receiving lots of attention from several major media outlets recently.

Some might look at this and scoff at the concept of North Dakota receiving any sort of national attention but it's actually kind of a big deal. Over the past few months, North Dakota has been recognized by several national media outlets: Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today, Men's Journal, the Travel Channel, and even the Food Network, among others.

In May, the Chicago Tribune featured Bismarck and the revitalization of its downtown setting, along with the mention of several breweries opening up around the Bismarck-Mandan area.

In June, Medora, ND was featured in Men's Journal for being one of the 'World's 10 Best Cities for Back-to-Back Adventures.' USA Today also featured North Dakota and Bismarck's North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum in an article talking about the best places to search for dinosaur bones.

Last month, there were 13 national media stories featuring North Dakota, which reached an estimated 88 million people. That's a pretty solid audience.

Disregard the fact that this is an article drawing attention to the fact that our state has been drawing attention recently. That statement was purposely redundant. It's just nice to get some recognition once in a while. We'll take our victories where we can get them. So let's have our own Ron Burgundy moment, we've earned it.

Let's enjoy the ride while we can, North Dakota. Keep making it happen.


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