We all know that NDSU has one of the best college football fan bases throughout the country, but where did NCAA FCS Football rank their fan base among FCS schools?

That's right, the North Dakota State Bison college football fan base came in ranked at #4 amongst FCS schools.

While we all know where they really deserved to be ranked, let's take a look back to January of this year when ESPN college football analyst Cole Cubelic talked about how attending an NDSU game at the Fargodome is a 'bucket list' item.

Being down on the field, there wasn’t much difference than playing in Baton Rouge, or playing in Gainesville or Knoxville...There’s the nicest people on the planet [in Fargo]. The coaches were great. The people in the town treated us great. The whole trip was really incredible. The whole thing, in a very positive and good way, was like going back in time. The town sort of revolved around that team. They have very positive fans, very intelligent fans. It’s a fun atmosphere, and they were into the game.

There's not much more you can ask from any college football setting at any level.

On a personal note, I've been lucky enough to attend football games at many levels, professional and college. I've been to the NFC Championship, the Cotton Bowl and Peach Bowl (when they were played as the college football semifinal playoff games), and multiple NDSU games this season. I can personally tell you that the atmosphere at an NDSU game, from tailgating until the stadium's emptying after a Bison victory, it rivals any of those aforementioned game atmospheres I've been lucky enough to be a part of. Go Bison!

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