A lack of communication between schools has led to the North Dakota State University Gold Star Band staying home this Friday, instead of heading to Manhattan, KS to support the Bison when they take on Kansas State.

According to KFGO.com, the director of the Gold Star band, Sigurd Johnson, assumed that his band would be able to stand on the sidelines during the game on Friday. Unfortunately, he assumed wrong and by the time Johnson had learned that, it was too late to purchase tickets for the band.

Here's what Johnson had to say:

Common practice in initial conversations with bands visiting each other is usually where the visiting band is going to be seated or placed on the sideline.

The assumptions about the 'standard practice' for band visiting were obviously taken for granted here -- and the four of us involved in the discussions never picked up on this omission.

Basically, NDSU should have purchased tickets for the band in the first place, but they were unaware that Big 12 rules do not allow visiting bands on the field.

This Bison take on the Wildcats this Friday at 7:30pm, in Manhattan, KS.

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