According to the Associated Press, some Republican lawmakers want North Dakota State University to cut ties with Planned Parenthood because the organization may put on "classes that promote abortion." While the bill passed the Senate, it has yet to be passed or denied by the House. And the news report states the North Dakota House has decided to further review a bill that aims to stop the relationship between NDSU and Planned Parenthood. Get the full story from US News

Something alarming that is reported in the US News story is that, if this bill should pass and NDSU does not sever its relationship with Planned Parenthood, other colleges in North Dakota will also be affected financially - funds will be held hostage. So, if this bill does pass, NDSU will surely face serious pressure from other institutions, to end the program. But why are lawmakers so concerned (and uneducated) about sexual education?

Anti-Planned Parenthood lawmakers are concerned about abortions when that is not at all what is happening with this program. A quick Google search led me to find what really goes on in the Planned Parenthood education classes through NDSU. INSTEAD of abortions, here is what is actually offered through the program:

  • Classes to teach parents how to educate their children about sex
  • Classes to teach young people about real-life sexuality-related issues
  • Classes for adults to learn how to become a "safe space"
  • Classes to help young people reduce risky behavior
  • Classes to teach young people the importance and value of sexuality
  • Classes to teach professionals how to deliver sex education

The fact that some North Dakota lawmakers are looking to just wipe out any valuable sex education is shocking. Forcing kids to be uneducated about their own bodies does not prevent unplanned pregnancy, STIs/STDs, or anything else associated with having sex. What does prevent those things is teaching kids and letting them make their own educated decisions about their own bodies - oh, and let's not forget that more education means fewer abortions!

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