Fargo has had the privilege of hosting College GameDay the last two years. Could ESPN be making the trip to Bison Nation again this year? President Dean Bresciani remains confident. 

During a meeting with the executive committees of the Development Foundation and Alumni Association, Bresciani expressed his confidence that College GameDay would be back in Fargo for a third year.

Am I pretty sure they're coming? Yeah. But we won't get confirmation from them until a week or two before.

Bison fans received further confirmation of a possible GameDay from NDSU Athletic Director, Matt Larsen. Sadie Rudolph, a university spokeswoman, wrote the following in an email.

Larsen believes there is a good possibility that College Game Day will return because they have hinted at it, but nothing is official.

During last year's College GameDay, ESPN producer Lee Fitting made a comment about looking forward to coming back to Fargo as often as possible.

We hope the rumors are true and ESPN will be back for the third year in a row to host College GameDay.