It's definitely a good problem to have when you're winning so many trophies, your trophy case breaks from the weight of all said trophies.

Last Saturday, the North Dakota State Bison won their record seventh FCS national championship by beating the Eastern Washington Eagles, 38-24 and now they need to buy a new shelf. The display of their seven FCS national championship trophies buckled under the weight of so many trophies as you can see in the featured picture of the story. Click here to look at a before and after of the trophy case collapse.

***WARNING: The pictures in the link may contain graphic content (we're only kidding, they don't).

Bison fans may have some questions now like:

"How dare they expect that shelving bracket to sustain the weight of all those trophies?"

"How could the constructors of the trophy case not have foreseen this powerhouse of a football dynasty that was destined to win all these championships?"

The university may have to rethink its trophy display tactics before they have a shelf installed that can properly handle the amount of championship trophies that the North Dakota State Bison have won and will win in the years to follow.

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