Flowers Aren't The Only Things Growing This Spring

An expansion is underway! The Bismarck Motor Company is building a new facility in Mandan. While this isn't necessarily "New" news, it's something to keep on your radar as it gets closer to completion.

The company posted photos to its Facebook page, documenting the progress. It does certainly appear to be coming along.

It is still currently under construction, but the company expects the project to be done later this Spring. -- Let's just hope there aren't any more weather-related delays.

Where Exactly Is It?

If you're wondering, the new property will be located at both 805 and 905 East Main Street in Mandan. The existing building at the 905 location is getting a total remodel and they are even adding quite a bit on. According to, the company hopes to make this Mandan location one of the most state-of-the-art, Hyundai dealerships in the nation.

The 805 East Main Street property will be their detailing facility. Detailing, paint corrections, dent repair, and windshield replacements will be offered at this site.

So, What Does This Mean For The Community?

Well, with an expansion, you would have to assume it would bring more jobs to the area. Not only that, but greater accessibility to car-related services.

Interestingly Enough...

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many car dealerships struggled with supply chain issues and chip shortages. Is this a sign that we are coming out of those struggles? -- One could only hope. I did reach out to the company for comment on this matter, and have yet to receive a response.

In any case, you have to see this as a good sign.




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