One thing you can never have too much of is coffee. -- Yup, that's right, Bismarck has another new coffee shop coming to the South end of town.

Caffeine Is Coming 

After escaping a near-death experience on the road, I noticed a sign for the shop. Scooter's Coffee sits near La Caretta and U.S. Bank on East Bismarck Expressway. If you're wondering, Scooter's Coffee has restaurants in several Midwest regions.

The store seems to still be working on getting everything up and running, so I haven't found too much info on our new Bismarck location.

Fargo Too

I do know that another Scooter's Coffee shop opened in Fargo back in March of this year, so it would seem the company is expanding throughout the Midwest.

Adding Locations & Adding A Little Love

If you choose to try this place out when it opens, you may notice something unusual on your cup. Stickers are placed on each cup to make customers smile. I must say, as silly as this sounds, I just bought myself a "Cats & Snacks" coloring book full of stickers and it's a legit mood-booster.

The Name

Sadly, I looked to see if there was some connection to the scooters you ride, and this shop, but there wasn't. I was picturing the old Sonic-style service where they roller blade out to your car, but instead of roller blades, they use scooters. Logistically, it would never work without someone wearing coffee, but hey, let my mind wander.

According to Scooter Coffee's website, the name was something they decided on back when they opened in 1998 in Nebraska.

Opening Soon?

Again, as far as I can tell, the store is still in the early stages of getting going. I'll give you an update as soon as I get word.

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