There's a new business coming to town! ProteinHouse is its name, and it'll be located in the heart of Bismarck, at 402 East Main Street.

More than a restaurant:

It's categorized as a "Healthy Fit Kitchen." You can dine in or take your food to go. The goal is to be a quick-serve...sort of like a healthy fast food restaurant.

I spoke to the owners, FrankieSue and Steven Pierson, they say they are very passionate about cleaner living.

"We are so limited on healthy options in Bismarck-Mandan! You can go somewhere and make it a healthier choice, but there isn't a place for a true clean eating lifestyle," said Frankie Sue.


ProteinHouse will offer healthy, nutrient-dense meals... and whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or even a meat-lover, they will have something to meet your needs. Look for things like protein pancakes, healthy salads, lean bowls, and high protein burgers.

About the owners:

Steven Pierson, is native to Bismarck, while FrankieSue comes all the way from Colorado. FrankieSue tells me she wanted to be a business-owner ever since she was  a little girl. She also hopes she can be a role model to other women. They say they started working toward opening this business all the way back in 2019.

Even more on their plate!

You might recognize their names, because they also own "Nutrishop," a vitamin, weight loss, & sports nutrition store, and even recently opened Pierson Property Management. FrankieSue is also a Broker Associate/Realtor® at Trademark Realty!


When does it open?

Even though they are in the early stages of getting the place ready for business, FrankieSue tells me they plan to up and running by June or July!




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