"American Song Contest" premiered Monday night, and is hosted by the queen of television singing competitions herself, Kelly Clarkson. Co-hosting alongside Clarkson is none-other than Snoop Dogg.

It's a little different...

I know what you're thinking... Do we really need another show like American Idol, and The Voice? Well, maybe we do. USAToday reports the network wanted to create something similar to Eurovision, a European talent competition that has been running for more than 50 years.

State vs. State

This isn't your usual, run of the mill, singing competition. This show picks one person to represent each state and US territory (56 contestants total) and they go head-to-head.  Naturally, I had to see who's representing North Dakota.

NBC announced Chloe Fredericks, as this season's North Dakota contestant. Fredericks is from Halliday. A North Dakota town with population of only 188 people. It actually sits Northwest of Mandan -- only about an hour and a half drive from here. How cool!

How do they win?

That's easy... you vote! Yep, this show put the judging back into the viewers hands.  And don't worry, there will also be a panel of 56 judges to help even things out a bit. So, a combination those things will, ultimately, decide the winner.

How to watch

American Song Contest airs every Monday at 8/7 CT on NBC. Voting is done each week, online.

We haven't seen Fredericks perform yet, but be looking for her in the coming weeks!


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