TikTok, the same social platform that brought us licking toilet seats, eating Tide pods, and other assorted stupidness has a new challenge.  It's known on the social media platform as the "deviant licks" challenge.   I was actually surprised that the "deviant licks" challenge actually has nothing to do with licking.  Instead, "licks" in this case stands for stealing or damaging something at school and posting it up on the social video platform TikTok.

My son who's a senior at Bismarck High School says the school has had to bolt down soap dispensers and other assorted school items because kids have been taking part in this TikTok challenge.  In fact, soap was actually hard to come by for a while at the school.

According to a teacher who did not want to be identified, said one student in Bismarck Public Schools is in hot water for his actions.  This particular student who decided to partake in the TikTok Deviant Licks challenge had charges filed against him.  He was suspended for a period of time and was made an example of.  It is hoped that this will help prevent other students from doing something similar.

Something tells me it will not eradicate this kind of behavior.  Let's face it, kids will be kids.  All I can say is "Thank God" there wasn't social media when I was in school.  I would've been in a LOT of trouble.  In the meantime, TikTok continues to be the place where kids like to push the envelope.

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