Though he hasn't played for the University of North Dakota since the 2007-08 season, TJ Oshie is still making the dreams of the team's fans come true.

North Dakota native Chris Hendrickson has followed Oshie's career since his time with UND and now cheers him on as a star with the NHL's St. Louis Blues.

Hendrickson suffers from mucopolysaccharidosis type 4A (MPSIV), or Morquio Syndrome, according to KDSK, which means that he's missing an enzyme that helps clear cells of certain kinds of waste. Since these wastes can't leave the body, cells begin to deform, which leads to major differences in the body.

The Make A Wish Foundation approached Hendrickson and asked him what his wish would be. It should come as no surprise that his wish was to travel to St. Louis to meet Oshie, which he was able to do this week.

Tuesday night, February 24th, Hendrickson and his family will be in the stands, rooting for Oshie and the St. Louis Blues, as they take on the Montreal Canadians.