The University of North Dakota hockey team, arguably the first or second most popular team in the state (depending on who you talk to) have just added an alternate sweater to their highly popular brand.

I myself am a lifelong fan growing up in Grand Forks.  I have been attending games since I was a very young boy (we had season tickets growing up in my family).  In this state, it's really about two teams.  UND hockey or Bison football.

The UND hockey team is off to a great start by the way.  They are 4-0 in the most competitive conference in the country (NCHC).  They're currently ranked 6th in the nation with a record of 8-3 overall and will play number 4 ranked Minnesota-Duluth in Grand Forks this weekend.  The last time these two teams faced each other it came in the epic NCAA regional championship in Fargo with UND losing in the longest NCAA tournament game in history.  The game lasted 142 minutes surpassing the previous mark of 123.53.  Despite dominating most of the game North Dakota ended up losing a heartbreaker 3-2 in the 5th overtime.  You can bet that loss will be on UND's mind.

It's a big couple of weeks for UND.  After playing number 4 ranked Duluth, North Dakota will face the University of Minnesota Gophers in Grand Forks.  The Gophers are currently ranked number 7 in the country.

If these next two weeks weren't exciting enough, UND unveiled a new home alternate jersey.  I personally think they're a bit bland, but I may warm up to them.  Check them out.

Let me know what you think of them?



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