Here is a heartwarming story to brighten up your Monday: Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj granted the wish of a young fan who is suffering from cancer, bringing her a bright pink wig to wear. She visited little Miyah, a 5-year-old fan who suffers from Stage 3B Burkitt's lymphoma and has bravely undergone seven rounds of chemotherapy that has caused her to lose her hair. During her time spent with the courageous (and absolutely adorable) little girl, Minaj brought a pink wig for her to wear, smiled in photos and even offered Miyah some inspirational advice.

“I think you’re beautiful without the pink wig," the rapper tells Miyah in a video she shared on Instagram. As little Miyah smiles and says, "OK," Minaj continues: "But whenever you want to play dress up and feel like a little Barbie doll, that’s fine."

Watch Nicki Minaj give Miyah some inspirational words in the heartwarming video below.