There's no such thing as creating your own headphone jack in the new iPhone 7.

If you've been lucky enough to purchase a new iPhone 7 recently, you're well aware it does not come with a headphone jack. I have an iPhone 6S. I can tell you that because of this feature, or lack thereof, I will not be upgrading to an iPhone 7 anytime soon. Sure, the iPhone 7 has the new "AirPods" that not only cost an additional $159 to purchase, but would take roughly about 159 seconds to lose them after you've purchased them. To counteract this, iPhone 7 users are attempting to be crafty and proactive. There is now a video on YouTube added by TechRax that shows how you how to drill a hole for a headphone jack in your iPhone 7. I feel I need to be very clear about something. Don't do this!

I repeat, don't do this. It does not work. Sadly, people have been believing this video and actually doing this. Don't be those people. If you try this, you will have a hole in your iPhone 7 that doesn't do anything, except make it aesthetically pleasing for those who like to see drilled holes in their technology.

Trust me, I know, it's frustrating. Why would you not have a headphone jack in the iPhone? This is probably a question to take up with the higher-ups at Apple. Perhaps one day, someone will create a way to use your current headphones with no adapters. However, this is not it.