Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson played like a man possessed yesterday.  He made all Minnesota Vikings fans forget all about Stefon Diggs who was playing on the opposite sideline yesterday for the Buffalo Bills.

On a 4th in 18 at a critical point in the game yesterday Jefferson came down with a one-handed catch that defied all odds.  There are no words that can really describe it.  The strength it took to come down with that one-handed pass while the Bills pass defender was pulling at the ball is just amazing.

Here it is again, and it's safe to say this is the pass catch of the season.  Maybe one of the best ever in the history of the Minnesota Vikings.  All I can say is SKOL!


To be able to pull that ball away from the Bills defender with one hand while he's pulling at it with two hands is literally unbelievable.

The Minnesota Vikings would eventually complete the comeback from a 27-10 deficit and beat the Buffalo Bills 33-30 in overtime which will have Vikings fans talking for many years to come.

So many times over the course of the game the Vikings appeared to be dead in the water.  However, much like so many times this year, the "never say die" attitude pulled the Vikes through another nail-biter.

Minnesota beat one of the best if not the best team in the NFL.  The one knock on the Vikings this year has been who have they really beat so far this year.  Not anymore.

As a lifelong Vikings fan, I know they will eventually let me down, but right now I'm just going to enjoy the season.

Minnesota is now 8-1 and has the 2nd best record in the NFL.  The Vikings will entertain the Dallas Cowboys next Sunday in Minneapolis.


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