Well, are you?

Bismarck, are you ready to rock?!?!

Standing Rock are you ready to "rock" ?!?!

This scramble is going to be something to witness, musicians have been out of work coming up on a solid year.  So they're looking to hit the road pretty hard, because there's bills to pay!

WeFest, just announced their headliner 2021 schedule for August 5-7 and it includes Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, and Blake Shelton. I'm not current on my country superstars, so I'm not sure if it's big news or not. Seems pretty OK.

Red River Valley Fair announced that Trace Adkins is playing Saturday July 17th. Not sure if it's earth shattering but it is something.

The North Dakota State Fair Facebook page is spotlighting a Flea Market from October.

OK, so maybe it's not exactly a "scramble" at this time, but hopefully dates start filling soon.  Here's some dates we do know may be happening around Bismarck/Mandan.



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