Did a North Dakota Black Lives Matter activist die under suspicious circumstances or not?

KVRR reports that Fargo Black Lives Matter activist, Anyiwei Maciek, unexpectedly died. The story's headline reads, 'Fargo BLM activist dies, death not considered suspicious' And according to the police, her death is considered "unattended," and "an autopsy will be conducted, but the death is not suspicious."

What was not reported is that just three days prior to this story, Anyiwei posted on Facebook that she and her daughter had COVID-19. It is literally the last public post she made! So, what is going on here?

Should we be concerned that something more sinister happened to Anyiwei?

I am not saying that something other than coronavirus claimed the life of Anyiwei. I am saying it is weird to emphasize that the death of a Black Lives Matter activist is "not suspicious" while simultaneously failing to mention that she had previously posted about having COVID-19, days earlier. I think that detail could help put people's minds at ease in believing that her death was, in fact, "not suspicious." But now I am suspicious.

Anyiwei leaves behind an infant daughter.

As Anyiwei mentioned in her Facebook post about contracting COVID-19, she was a mother to an infant. She will never get to see her daughter grow up and the baby will never know her mom. That is the most tragic part of all of this.

According to KVRR, there will be a memorial put together in honor of Anyiwei.

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