Earlier this week, the Black Lives Matter Instagram account called out a group of North Dakota State University students for expressing racism in a Snapchat group. The group's name was racist, and Valley News Live (Fargo) even reported about screenshots of racist remarks sent in the group. Then, after all that unfolded, we learned that there are even more accusations of other instances of hate speech from NDSU students.

Now, at 2:00 PM today (December 4), Black Lives Matter - Fargo will be holding a peaceful protest on NDSU's campus at the Memorial Union parking lot. There will be a second peaceful protest held tomorrow (December 5), at the same time, outside of NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s home.

Valley News Live reports that NDSU says they have dealt with/ are dealing with the incidents, and that some of the students involved issued public apologies. However, those hurt by these instances of racism want to know how the events were handled, and they want real consequences for these blatant acts of racism. There has even been a change.org petition started to make sure People of Color at NDSU are taken seriously and have their voices heard.

Since we do not know exactly what was done to punish the students, some are concerned that this situation was sort of "swept under the rug." So, Black Lives Matter - Fargo and the change.org petition are seeking change so People of Color at NDSU feel safe and heard while they are at school.

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