This isn't something you hear about every day

According to the AP News, two young brothers and their cousin, Kayden Madsen, Liam Madsen, and Jess Fischer made the ultimate discovery. 

The boys were spending some time in the North Dakota Badlands, and they stumbled across something pretty remarkable. According to the source, they enjoy looking for dino fossils in their free time. 

While walking around the Marmarth area, doing a bit of exploring, and exploring they noticed a bone poking out of the ground.

According to the source, it was later identified to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. --I’m sure this boys were beside themselves with excitement, and this was nothing short of a dream discovery.

According to the source, a Denver museum is now working to fully restore the fossil.

The source says that Creatures death would’ve occurred around 67 million years ago. Wow!

North Dakota, along with Montana and Wyoming are known for being rich in dinosaur fossils, especially T-Rex fossils.

Not Just Any Bone

It was identified as a lower jawbone with several teeth sticking out of it. Can you imagine finding the ultimate fossil like that?

The source says experts are estimating the dinosaur was between 13 and 15 years old when it died and roughly weighed around 3500 pounds,

Caught On Film

The source also indicated a documentary crew was there, Green Screen Films, and they captured the discovery on camera.

We applaud these young boys on there Jurassic Park-like discovery and hope this only further fuels their passion for archaeology and paleontology.

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