There is a Facebook group called "Protect ND Kids" that has started a series of posts where they publish the names and photos of local transgender individuals. The group says its goal is to "warn" and "expose" them.

The Facebook Group claims they exist to "Expose the truth" and says there is an "Ongoing assault ruthlessly waged against our children."

The group currently has right around 300 likes and follows. That's not a large number, but I have noticed the group's recent series of posts have been shared hundreds of times. People are noticing.

The Posts:

The admins have been expressing their feelings on trans people, specifically. They claim drag queens and trans people are negatively influencing the children of North Dakota. In each post, the admin also quotes a bible verses.

If you haven't seen the posts, take a look:

According to InForum, some of the individuals featured on this group page have spoken out against the admins for targeting them.

The Response:

Scrolling through the comments, you'll see people saying that this person shouldn't be 'outing' these individuals and that the posts are malicious. Most people are expressing how they are surprised to see this kind of content on Facebook.

What do you think about this Facebook group making these posts? Is this something they do every year during pride month?

As You May Know...

It is Pride month, so there are several Pride events and drag shows that will be taking place throughout the Bismarck-Mandan area. Pride on the Capitol Lawn, and other drag shows are happening through the end of the month.

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