There are a number of things that might make driving through North Dakota dangerous, but how deadly is North Dakota compared to other states?

An insurance company called Jerry did some research, and ranked each state on how deadly driving through them is during the holiday season.

Most Common Causes For Crashes

The company found that the most common causes of automobile crashes are alcohol/drinking and speeding.

The study also found that across the country, from 2011 to 2020, more than three-thousand (3,127) people were killed in car crashes.

There is even a specific time-frame that was found to be more deadly. The source says the most deadly time is between 6pm and 8pm on Christmas Day. Be careful out there!

The Worst State?

The most deadly state for drivers during the Christmas holiday is Mississippi. The source says that most deaths over the holiday occur in Southern states.

Where Does North Dakota Fall?

North Dakota was found to be the SECOND WORST state for driving during the holiday season. Do you find this surprising? North Dakota is known for having a high alcohol consumption.

Giving us the benefit of the doubt, it does snow quite a bit here, and the roads are constantly covered with ice, so that could also be to blame for our very bad ranking.


Have fun, but be careful driving this holiday. Make sure the road conditions are good and that you have a designated driver if you plan to drink and go anywhere.

Happy Holidays!

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