According to a new statistic released by The New York Times, North Dakota tops the list of where incomes are most valuable.

Based on the national average prices on a wide variety of goods and services, and after adjusting for the purchasing power of a dollar, North Dakota has the most purchasing power, per capita. What is considered the "real per capita personal income" for the state comes to $56,000, which is best in the nation.

The information is based on the Consumer Price Index, which serves as a measure of inflation, as well as the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Following North Dakota on the list of top states for "real per capita personal income" are Connecticut with $55,000, Washington, D.C. at $54,000, Wyoming at $52,000, and Massachusetts at $50,000, and Nebraska at $48,000.

States faring the worst in this category with a real per capita personal income of about $36,000 are Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah.

Turns out every dollar you earn in North Dakota goes a long way towards goods and services. Who knew?