If you are going to make your living in North Dakota, you'll be in pretty good shape financially.

North Dakota is among the top 5 states to make a living in according to a report released by Money-Rates.com

Money-rates used five factors to come up with their rankings: average wages, state tax rates, cost of living, unemployment rates, and incidents of workplace injuries.

Wyoming is the best state to make a living due to the low cost of living and the lack of a state-income tax.

North Dakota was not too far behind though earning the No. 4 spot in the rankings. This is the reasoning from Money-Rates:

For several years now, North Dakota has been enjoying an economic boom that has made it a great place for job opportunities, though that may be starting to fade a little. Much of that boom was linked to the oil and gas industry, and with energy prices down, conditions might get tougher. Still, North Dakota features above-average wages and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at 3.1 percent. Also, among states that have an income tax, North Dakota's places the lowest percentage burden on median wage earners.


Hawaii is the worst state to make a living in. However it is still a pretty nice vacation spot.

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