This probably isn't the healthiest statistic to be proud of, but North Dakota is ones of the cheapest states for the average smoker.

It turns out that of the 50 states and the Washington D.C. area, North Dakota is ranked as the 7th cheapest state for smokers. According to WalletHub, the factors used to determine the ranking were out-of-pocket costs, financial opportunity costs, health-care costs per smoker, and income loss per smoker. Other costs factored in included increase in homeowner's premiums and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Based on the study, over the span of one year, a smoker in North Dakota will spend $23,467 per year. Over the span of a lifetime, that amount is $1,196,831. If you think that's high, you'd be right, but not near as high as the cost a smoker in New York would pay. That amount would be $45,353 per year and $2,313,025 over a lifetime. New York finished listed 51st in this study.

The six states that would be cheaper for smokers are Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky being the cheapest.

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