If you have a bit of a lead foot, North Dakota is the state for you.

Popular Mechanics recently came out with a list of the best states for speeding and, thanks to substantially lower fines than other states, North Dakota took the top spot.

On some North Dakota roads, the fine for going 10 mph over the speed limit is only $10, which is actually less than it costs for some police departments to process the fine, according to InForum.

Compared to other states, traffic fines in North Dakota are drastically lower. For example, blowing through a stop sign in the Peace Garden State will set you back $20, while in South Dakota, it will cost you over $100. In Minnesota, it'll set you back even more.

Some fine amounts in the state of North Dakota were set years ago and have just never been updated, even though numerous bills have been presented to change the fine amounts.

For now, North Dakota remains the best state for speeders, though it's obviously not condoned by law enforcement. They'd prefer you obey the law and all.